About Us


The idea for CineMar came from the need to raise public awareness of the beauty of the oceans, to realise their importance, and the need to protect their vital biodiversity for future generations.

CineMar is an initiative of Fundación Talking Oceans and represents the spirit of cooperation through strong partnerships between different institutions:  We are a multidisciplinary team of marine biologists, environmental lawyers, graphic designers and film makers, all brought together by our passion for the marine environment and our dedication to the protection of Colombian biodiversity.

The Team

AlexAlex Tilley is a British marine biologist focused on enhancing the sustainability of artisanal and small scale fisheries in the eastern Tropical Pacific. His research specialty is the functional and spatial ecology of elasmobranchs and its application to the design and management of marine protected areas. He is a co-founder and chief scientific director of Talking Oceans & CineMar.

Juli-smJuliana López Angarita is a Colombian marine biologist specialising in mangroves and fisheries, and is currently conducting her PhD research through the University of York on the status of mangrove protection in the eastern tropical Pacific and its impact on fisheries productivity. She has led successful conservation campaigns in national parks of Colombia, and is a co-founder and Director of Talking Oceans and Festival CineMar.


Juan Felipe Caro Rodríguez was born in Bogota, Colombia. He has trained in industrial design and graphic design in London, and published a book entitled “Nuts and Bolts for illustrators”. He works as an illustrator and graphic designer, producing storyboards, visual scribbling and creative graphics. Luckily for us he also works freelance and has been associated with Talking Oceans for four years providing amazing creative design.