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CineMar is Colombia’s 1st Ocean Documentary Film Festival, launched in Bogotá in December 2014. Established by Fundación Talking Oceans, CineMar is a festival open to the public to raise awareness and celebrate the beauty and importance of the oceans through the medium of short films and documentaries. These films introduce the various characters inhabiting the oceans, and the scientists striving to protect them. Follow us here, on facebook, and also sign up to receive our newsletter updates to your email about the next events and screenings of Festival CineMar!

To see the films from our Bogotá 2014 event, click here.


The overall objective of Colombia’s 1st Ocean Film Festival, CineMar is to raise public interest in the ocean and the importance of their protection through short films and documentaries by artists, scientists and NGOs. There is very little audiovisual material available in spanish in Colombia, so these films will represent a unique insight for the general public to experience the oceans in their own city. These films will showcase the beauty, majesty and amazing diversity of the oceans, in order to create a movement of engaged and passionate Colombians pushing for protection of their natural resources through more focused governmental policy. We believe that if Colombians are more aware of the incredible biodiversity and natural treasure their territory represents, they will be prouder of it and more inclined to push for its continued protection.

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