Companies and organisations interested in providing financial support to CineMar would become patrons and feature on the festival website, blogs and social media, as well as on festival programs and promotional literature. To explore the possibilities of supporting the festival CineMar, please refer to the following suggested levels of support package:

OrcaOrca is our most complete level of support, representing the principal sponsor of Festival CineMar. Your company will present the festival and your logo will be present on all promotional material and events of the festival.



SharkThe Shark package at a support level of $5000 finances half the costs of the festival. Your brand will be highly visible on our newsletters, website, social media, and on the programs and presentations at the festival.



MantaThe Manta package supports the creative portion of Festival CineMar. You sponsorship will finance the creative and graphic design of the festival (website, illustrations, event layout) as well as costs of producing printed promotional material such as participant t-shirts, programs and posters. Your brand will be visible on all of these creations.


Other-ways-of-supportFestival CineMar represents a unique opportunity in Bogotá to reach an audience of more than 1000 with your brand. If you are interested in offering support in other ways or in kind, through donation of prizes or assistance, we would love to hear from you.


With each of our support level packages, your company can support CineMar in bringing this spectacular and unique opportunity to life. You have the freedom to choose where and how your brand can draw the most attention and make the biggest impact, and in turn how it will support us: (Click here or on the image to download a pdf).

Support table_lg

The following events will take place during the festival. Please contact us if you are interested in financial or logistical sponsorship of any of these events.

CineSchool: Short film presentation (from the library of CineMar festival films) and scientific presentations in schools
Carnival of Science (Maloka): This will be celebrated the week before Festival CineMar at Maloka. CineMar will participate in planning the marine and ocean education and awareness component of the carnival  (games, workshops, talks and parades).

Contact us at with any questions of for more information!